One very awkward englishman, boldly goes…

Leaving the UK


leaving The UK

Since I was young I have always had a soft spot for those peculiar folk across the English channel. I adore French architecture, the sophistication of French fashion, the wealth of original musicians to emerge from France… and of course the FOOD!

After a failed music career I spent the last few years working hard in different areas of the music industry. After a chance meeting at a friends leaving party a few years back, I met my Marseilles fiancé, and the idea of emigrating one day started to stew in my mind (watch out for more food related metophors to come!). We were both fed up with working long hours for little money, and felt like we weren’t able to spend many hours of quality time together per-week. I was often stressed, tired and burnt- out in the evening after returning from my commute, and would often crash out after a quick meal.

Each day I would commute into London on a packed train, full of the same zombie faced herd, chained to routine, many taking brief solace in their morning tut and sigh-filled skim through the Daily Mail. There were people who had done this for decades, silently moaning at the weakness of their latte and the annual price hike in the cost of travel. Every Friday they would stop off at the pub for a skin full after the last long meeting of the afternoon, before sheepishly staggering on the train and stumbling back to their middle class suburban shoe box for an ear- bashing from their partner, and a drafty night on the sofa.

Do I really want this for the rest of my life?

The decision to move had also been compounded by visits to Marseille during summer holidays and Christmas jaunts. My love for the people, the customs, the sophisticated cousine has grown to the point where I longed to be out here permanently. 300 days of sunshine! 35 hour working weeks! lower retirement age! Crystal clear waters!

The decision had been made to move abroad for a new life in the Provence, and to start enjoying our lives.

So here I am on the plane on my way to meet my fiancé and see our new flat for the first time… Wish me luck!


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