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Marseille UMP and PS representatives debate on local TV

For those interested in local politics in Marseille…


Yves Moraine (image left) – President of the UMP in the municipal council Marseille and  Patrick Menucci (image right) – the Mayor of 1éme and 7éme arrendisemonts of Marseille joined Fanny Fontan on Le Forum on the Marseille channel LCM for a feisty debate yesterday.

On the programme the two candidates debated topics such as immigration, tackling unemployment in the City and Education.

Click the below to watch the debate in full (In French)

For non-French speakers, here are a few choice quotes from the debate translated into English…

On employment contracts: “cdi for the youth employment and retention in employment for the senior employees is no expense to the employer”. – Patrick Menucci

“The reality of France in Europe is that many people are unemployed, like many other countries in Europe in this terrible crisis period. As we are central member of the European Union our problems have increased with this crisis.  Continuing to reduce unemployment is essential to our recovery process. ”  – Yves Moraine

One the economy : “The choice is fundamental. The choices of Sarkozy are clear, to make the economy work for everyone.” – Yves Moraine

On Hollande as president “F. Hollande is fighting for the best result. Marseille has to mobilize for change”. Patrick Menucci

On Immigration “It is unacceptable to mix Muslims and immigration: they are French. Immigration is a chance!” Patrick Menucci

Immigration is a chance AND a problem in France.” – Yves Moraine

“Mass immigration of religions and cultures very different to (us) constitutes a problem in reality.”  – Yves Moraine

NB: apologies if my translations are not perfect. I was trying to translate ‘on the fly’ which was quite difficult as the debate become more heated! If you spot a problem or an inaccurate quote please drop me a message and I will change it.